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Capt’n Con’s Fish House T-shirt from Bokeelia


Capt’n Con’s Fish House T-shirt from Bokeelia

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The Fish House

Capt'n Con's Fish House T-shirt

The Northern Tip of Pine Island Florida

Capt’n Con’s Fish House is situated right on the northern shore of Pine Island, Florida. It’s good fresh fish served american diner style in a lively athmosphere of regulars and in winter, not so few snowbirds. Be sure to get there before sunset, where you  watch pelicans and dolphins in the fading light before you enter Capt’n Con’s.

Capt’n Con’s Fish House T-shirt

I bought this T-shirt some years ago on my second visit at Capt’n Con’s Fish House, I’ve been there alone in a 5.0 Mustang, I’ve been there with my wife and next time I visit Florida, I’ll go there again. Check the back print of the T-shirt for a picture of the restaurant.

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