Fart Loading – Please Wait Funny T-shirt


Fart Loading, Please Wait Funny T-shirt.

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Computer Geek Funny T-shirt

Fart Loading T-shirt

Fart Loading…

This funny t-shirt was love at first sight, I work with computers and remember the old days when you got that “Please wait” 80% Loaded…

Fort Meyers Beach, FL

I bought the t-shirt at FMB, Florida, my favorite place to stay in winter. Unfortunately I’m not able to go there this winter.

A Royal Funny Fart Story

In Denmark, where I live, the “Going Up / Going Down” elevator sign can look like this:

i fart

Where the “i fart” means that the elevator is moving and “hertil” means that it’s moving to this floor.

Somebody should make T-shirts from that!

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