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Rare Putra Bar Staff T-shirt from Ubud


Rare Putra Bar Staff T-shirt from Ubud, Bali.

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Shake Your Body in Bali

Putra Bar Staff T-shirt

Putra Bar Bali

On Monkey Road in Ubud on the Indonesian island Bali, you’ll find Putra Bar with a large garden, cold drinks and a nice calm athmosphere. Putra Bar still excists and the owner Gung Oka is host of live music too.

Staff T-shirts

Staff t-shirts are hard to find and buy, so this is your chance to show your world traveller attitude with this cool t-shirt.

Rastafari Colors

There might be some marijuanna smoking at Putra Bar, though I’ve never seen it myself, and the colors of the Putra Bar logo is typically weed colors, red, yellow and green.

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