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Unconquered | Honor | Culture | Tradition Osceola T-shirt


Unconquered | Honor |Culture | Tradition Osceola T-shirt

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Native American T-shirt Design

Osceola Warrior T-shirt


The Indian tribes of the Everglades, mostly know under the name Seminoles, is the only tribe unconqured. The Seminoles never signed a treaty with the United States government and now have their own Nation in the Everglades.


The most significant aspect of Osceola’s Warrior Design T-shirts “Honor” is the fact that the Seminoles never surrendered to the US Troops.


Today, there are many villages with museums (and museum shops), showing traditional ways of life in the Everglades, canoos, beadworks and pottery and other crafts along with traditional housings and every day life. One very important thing for the Native Americans has always been and will always be the relationship to their ancestors and the land and the burriel places. Please check out the Respect the Earth T-shirt for another Osceola’s Warrior Design.


The Seminoles traditions date back to the late 19th. Century, as the members of the tribes were gathered from many different traditions as they fled into the Everglades. Mostly recognized are the Sioux from the Dacotas and Cherokee from the Appelacheans.

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