1955 Movie Creature From the Black Lagoon T-shirt


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Movie Fan Collectors Item T-shirt

Creature From the Black Lagoon T-shirt

The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Creature From the Black Lagoon is a cult scary movie from 1955, it is labeled horror and sci-fi in the IMBD which characterizes the movie with these words: “A strange prehistoric beast lurks in the depths of the Amazonian jungle. A group of scientists try to capture the animal and bring it back to civilization for study.”

Cool Rock’n T-shirt

I bought the movie poster T-shirt in Berlin, Germany during a visit in January 2005, where I stayed at the famous rock music hotel nhow.

Retro and Fan Culture

Wearing this t-shirt brings out many cool remarks from sci-fi and horror affecionados, so it’s a good way to meet cool people.

Frank Zappa and the Black Lagoon

No, that’s not right, FZ also composed a song called “The Purple Lagoon”, referencing the Black Lagoon on the NY Album.

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